Centum Nec Plura

The Charles Nypels Lab was named after the
Dutch typographer, publisher, printer and author
Charles Nypels. In 1932, he published a private press
edition of poems by Jan Engelsman titled Tuin van Eros.
It was intended as the start of a private press series
under the name Centum Nec Plura (‘one hundred,
and no more”; the logo could also be taken to refer
to the Charles Nypels Press). However, the book was to
remain his only private publication.
Now, 85 years later, the ambitions of Charles Nypels
live on in the Lab that bears his name. The Van Eyck is
producing and publishing a new series of books under
the Centum Nec Plura imprint, similarly limited to
100 copies.

CNP  II –  Tireragan  (30€ + postage)
CNP III – Oology ((30€ + postage)
CNP IV – Laminaria
CNP  V – Staffa
CNP VI – Arandora Star

the making of Tireragan